Why choose the Selfie Mirror Booth for your event?

The Selfie Mirror Booth is the upcoming attraction of all events, and is already proving to be increasingly popular at weddings.

Unlike a traditional photo booth, you can interact with this full length touch screen mirror to take a single or multiple photos.

The Selfie Mirror Booth is pre-loaded with animations and sounds to make using the Mirror a fun experience.

With the paint feature, users can also make their own art on the mirror using the touch screen paint brush.

Talking mirrors have been famous since the days of Disney’s Snow White, where the evil queen owned a Magic Mirror to remind her of her beauty.

“Who is the fairest of them all” is the most popular phrase. More recently, the Magic Mirror has appeared in other popular films such as Shrek and The Huntsman, in which both mirrors verbally communicate the appearance of ones reflection in the Mirror.

This complimenting concept has been combined with the global trend of “taking a selfie” which has developed the technique of taking a photo using a mirror to capture a full length image.

The Selfie Mirror Booth is a unique photo-generating product offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking.

The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colourful animations and entertaining voice guidance.

Stand in front of the mirror and touch the specially integrated touch screen to take a full length photo.

Before the event, we/you can prepare animations that are preloaded for a specific event.

Choose to have one full length portrait 6 × 4″ prints or have multiple portraits on one print.

You can choose in the settings of the Selfie Mirror Booth how you want multiple prints to be laid out.

Before your event, customise your photos to include a template of your choice, a message of your choice, and add a logo to your images too.

All is possible through the easy access admin menu on your Selfie Mirror Booth.

After taking single or multiple photos, you can sign photos with a message or with your name. Sign photos using the touch screen, mirror booth paint brush, or add a variety of stamps.

Use our exclusive Facial Detection software to apply digital props on screen to your photos.

Choose from a large range of emojis, masks, hats & glasses.

You can even upload your own. Selfie Mirror Booth is very easy to use.

And within 15 second you can collect your prints

Our company provides a flight case with handles, castors and protective cover of the mirror panel.

The mirror can be housed in any larger VAN Combi car. In addition, installation of the device can be done by one person and it takes only 10 minutes.


Signature Function

One of the most exciting features of the Photo booth Mirror is the optional "signature function"!

Guests may sign up for wedding, parties, corporate events by signature feature on the mirror with their finger.

When the "signature function" is running, guests will have the opportunity to express their thoughts through the signature, which will then be printed by a photo booth mirror.

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GIF Video ability

With the ability to save GIFs and movies with Mirror software, you can turn your photo experience into more than just a souvenir photo!

When a digital camera records a photo, the software converts those photos into a GIF or movie that can easily be sent to your email or shared to your social channels.

Before the event, you can prepare animations for a specific event or event.

Animations are displayed in the photo and can also be being taken out after which we can forward a copy to each person at the wedding, or corporate event.

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Simple automatic connection to devices

Fully automatic software just connects the camera and the mirror is ready to play.

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Custom Prints

Customise printouts with text, graphics, and logos using our built-in template editor.

Our built in software is user friendly so no experience required.

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Custom rendering for background settings

Automatic green screen background setting allows you to change the scene to anywhere in the world.

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Social Media Sharing

The mirror is internet enabled to allow users to send gifs, SMS, or to your favourite social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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Touch Screen Technology

Built on touch screens so you can enjoy the familiar functions from your smart device to ensure the mirror is user friendly and quick to use. .

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